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S.E. Yachting | SAY Ibiza Charter

S.E. Yachting | SAY Ibiza Charter


Protecting the waters of Ibiza and Formentera together with sustainable cleaning products

SAY Carbon Yachts Ibiza x La Alternativa Eco

One mission for all sea lovers

We are proud to announce that since July 2023 we have been using the pollution-free products of “La Alternativa Eco” to clean our Superboats, as well as our office in the Marina Santa Eulalia, thus supporting the organisation “One Planet. One Life” by doing our part to keep the waters free of chemical products.

Sustainable Lifestyle

One of our main concerns at S.E.Yachting | SAY Ibiza Charter is to offer a boating lifestyle in Ibiza and Formentera that is sustainable as well as fun. Our yachts, which are made entirely of carbon fiber, consume 50% less fuel (petrol) than comparable models due to their low weight and certified ultra-low emission engines. This also includes service products that complement this lifestyle.

Mirko came to our office on behalf of the organisation “One Planet. One Life” organisation and explained to our team at S.E.Yachting | SAY Ibiza Charter the benefits of the natural and micro-organism based products from “La alternativa Eco.” We now understand why it says “BIO” on the pack and are very happy with the results 😉


We found out again that it is very important to be open to alternatives, to have the interest and courage to try them out personally, and then to rethink one’s previous routines.

Good to know

Important information for boat owners: Because no chemicals are used in the cleaning products, they do not attack the boat’s paintwork and consequential damage can be prevented.

We are convinced of the products and above all we are very fascinated by the commitment of Mirko and his team to protect the island and the waters. If you have any further questions, if you would also like to purchase the products for your boat, or if you would like to send donations to the organisation “One Planet. One Life”, please contact us or find more information on the official website: http://www.oneplanetonelife.org/en/

Sunny regards from Ibiza sends your team

S.E.Yachting | SAY Ibiza Charter